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Itch Wormer

for Dogs & Cats

From only £2.95

Itch Wormer kills common intestinal worms. It also prevents newly hatched larvae from growing and multiplying, keeping your pets healthy and your family safe.

Itch Wormer
  • In dogs, kills roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms and kills larvae
  • In cats, kills roundworms and tapeworms and stops further development of worm larvae
  • Always protects your family and your home
Each pack contains:
Itch Worm can be added to your existing Itch Flea subscription
Itch Worm Treatment:

Easy to apply treatment

Three steps to keep your pets happy and healthy

step 1
Step 1 : Open

Double check the dosage and remove tablet/s from the blister pack

step 2
Step 2 : Apply

Administer orally. If your pet prefers them in food, go for it!

step 3
Step 3 : Repeat

Repeat every 3 months. But no need to remember, we’ll deliver it when it’s due and gently remind you until it’s done. Easy.

Vet Approved

Zoe the Vet

"The Itch Wormer’s combination of ingredients eradicates both roundworms and tapeworms. Regular worming treatments are essential for your pet’s overall health. The convenience of the Itch Wormer being delivered to your door when required promotes an ideal worming regime."

Zoe Costigan, our in-house vet
BVSc BSc(hons) Cert AVP MRCVS

Zoe the Vet

From only £2.95

Itch worm for cats Cat
All Weights
Itch worm for small dogs Small
3-10 Kg
Itch worm for dogs Medium
10-20 Kg
Itch worm for large dogs Large
20-30 Kg
Itch worm for extra large dogs Larger
30-40 Kg
Itch worm for giant dogs Extra Large
Over 40 Kg

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