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Working with vets and pet-loving experts to keep our furry friends flea and tick-free, and always full of beans.

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Scale-up entrepreneur of the year 2021 Winner

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Our Chill Out pheromone diffuser is scientifically proven to help ease stress and reduce uncool behaviours.

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We work with vets and pet-loving experts to create products and care services that keep our furry friends bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and at their most awesome selves.

"We all want to do what’s best for our pets, and to help them lead healthy, happy lives. That’s why I love Itch – it’s a one stop shop for everything pet wellness. And you get the added convenience of having products delivered straight to your door, for free."

Zoe the Vet Zoe the Vet

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Itch Flea Spot-On Treatment
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Effective flea and tick treatment
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Itch Worm Worming Tablet
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Protects against common worms
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Clean Bowls Chicken with Rice
From £16.00
Nutritionally complete food
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Itch Dental Treats
Only £3.45
Promotes oral health