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Flea treatment for dogs
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Flea treatments

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Itch Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats

  • Double action

    Protects your pet and helps prevent eggs hatching in your home

  • Fast acting

    Kills fleas in 24 hours and ticks in 48 hours

  • Easy to use

    Apply once every four weeks

From £6.50 per month, first month free

Why choose Itch ?

It's easy to protect your pet

Get the right dose at the right time, delivered through your letterbox, and personalised reminders when flea treatments are due. You'll never forget to protect your pet from fleas again.

Made by experts, backed by science

We've been in the pet care industry for 10 years, and our gold-standard treatments are developed with vets and made by the best scientists and chemists. Itch Flea kills fleas, ticks and their eggs, protecting your pet and your home. Other flea treatments don't. From only £6.50 per month and delivered free.

Personalised - to you and your pet

Choose the day you pay, choose the add ons you want and fill in a few of your pets' details for tailored treatment so they get the right dose for their size and lifestyle.

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Choose the date you'd like us to send it to you - and change it at any time. You can also cancel or add more pets if you need to.

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