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I’ve seen so many pets suffering because they weren’t treated for fleas and worms in time, and it’s dangerous for families too. Itch’s personalised wellness plans make it so easy to protect your pet and never miss a treatment.

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Our expertly created range can be built into a plan that suits your pet best. Keeping them healthy, happy and full of beans.

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Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

47% increase in flea infestations in 2023... Why?!

Flea infestations rose by a whopping 47% last year and if this year is anything like 2023, it’s more important than ever to keep your pets and home protected against these pesky parasites!

Worming Treatment

How to give your cat worming treatment - without the drama!

As any cat owner will tell you, cats really don’t like to do what we ask of them at the best of times. This can be especially true where worming tablets are concerned! As much as your cat might hate taking their wormer (and as much as you might hate being the one who has to administer it) the reality is that they have to take it.

Without regular worming, cats are at risk from tapeworms, roundworms and other nasty worm parasites that can make both them and your family really poorly.

Click here to buy and read up on Itch Wormer for cats.

Flea General

Everything you need to know about peak flea season...

As pet owners, we all know that fleas can be a pesky and persistent problem. These tiny parasites can infest our furry friends, causing discomfort and potential health issues if left unchecked. Fleas are most active during certain periods of the year, which we commonly refer to as the "peak flea season." Here, we dive into the crucial information you need to know about when fleas are most active, when they come out, and whether they prefer hot or cold weather conditions. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to protect your beloved pets and your home from these bothersome critters.