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Vet-approved products to keep your furry friends healthy, happy and hilarious.

Flea, Tick & Worm

Highly effective parasite protection

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Wellbeing treats for your sweet

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Soft chew supplements for healthy cats and dogs

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Dental & Ear

Vet-approved dental and ear treatments

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Calming diffuser and refills for cats


Nutritionally complete pet food for cats and dogs

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Essentials for the stinky realities of pet parenting

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How it works

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Tell us about your pet

Answer a few short questions about your best buds, we’re all ears!

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Where science meets love

We’ll then recommend a personalised pet wellness plan, tailored to your pet’s unique needs. 

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Calm and in control

Personalised delivery straight to your door, for free, exactly when you need i

vet approved!

Itch’s tailored plans can help pets of all shapes and sizes go on to lead healthier, happier, longer lives.

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Dr. Zoe Costigan Itch Head Vet

BVSc BSc(hons) Cert AVP MRCVS