Is Flea Treatment Safe For Pregnant Or Nursing Cats?

YES! Good news, Itch Flea Treatment is safe for pregnant and nursing cats.

It’s super important that you don’t stop your cat’s regular flea treatment even when they’re pregnant or nursing as this will put them at real risk of developing a flea problem. This also makes it very likely that the fleas will hop aboard their kittens too - Definitely not the welcome they want!

We asked our in-house vet, Zoe Costigan (BVSc, BSc Hons, CERT AVP ARCVS) about the significance of flea treatment during pregnancy and nursing; here’s what she had to say - “I’ve seen so many pets suffering because they weren’t treated for fleas. Itch Flea for Cats is safe for pregnant and nursing cats, ensuring you have no break in protection at this important time.”

Flea Treatments To Avoid

  • Tablets

    Tablets should be avoided, especially during pregnancy, as they contain ingredients that can potentially harm developing kittens.

  • Flea Collars

    Most flea collars also contain ingredients that are not considered safe for pregnant or nursing cats so should be avoided as your chosen method of flea control!

  • Flea Shampoos

    Flea shampoos can also contain harmful ingredients which can be absorbed by your cat's skin and cause issues. There is also limited proof of effectiveness in their ability to kill fleas and keep them gone!

What Type of Flea Treatment Is Safe?

Topical (Spot-on) Treatments

Topical (Spot-on) Treatments - Treatments like Itch Flea for Cats are the safest flea treatment for pregnant and nursing cats. They are not ingested by your cat and contain ingredients such as Fipronil and (S) Methoprene which are super effective against fleas at all lifecycle stages, and are safe for your pets!

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  • What the vet says

    "I have seen so many dogs and cats suffering because they weren’t treated for fleas and worms in time. Not only that, it can be dangerous for families too. That’s why I love the Itch personalised flea plan. It makes it so easy to protect your pet and never miss a treatment."
    Dr. Zoe Costigan Itch Head Vet
    BVSc BSc(hons) Cert AVP MRCVS