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Itch Ear Liquid for Cats & Dogs 20ml/40ml

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Itch Ear Liquid for Cats & Dogs 20ml/40ml

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Miraculous things, ears: especially dog and cat ears, both of which are so sensitive they put ours to shame. To keep them in tip-top shape, cleaning them is super important. Read more

Our liquid ear cleaner is formulated to break down and remove ear wax, soothe and moisturise their ear canal and boost their natural ear canal microflora. Hear that? It’s your furry friend celebrating the good news.
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Wellbeing Benefits

Easy peasy, just a quick squeezy. Super simple to administer; just a few quick drops in your pet’s ears and they’re good to go.
More than just a wax whacker! As well as breaking up ear wax, this clever cleaner also prevents irritation while soothing, moisturising and improving ear canal health.

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Functional treats expertly blended with vitamins, essentials oils, probiotics and amino acids to help give your pets a well-being boost.

Salicylic acid (2.32mg/ml), propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, ethoxydiglycol, purified water, glycerine, lactic acid, oleic acid and plant extracts.

Apply Itch Ear to each of the animal’s ear canals in sufficient quantities for the animal’s size:
For animals less than 10kg the contents of one ampule may be divided between the two ears.
For animals that exceed 10kg apply one ampule (5ml) in each ear.
One application every 7 days will help to support a clean external ear canal.

  1. Open the ampule by twisting the plastic cap.
  2. Grasp the upper end of the ear flap and carefully squeeze either all or half of the contents of the ampule into the ear canal as appropriate.
  3. Gently massage the base of the ear for a few seconds to encourage contact between the cleaning solution and the ear.

Both outer box and vial packaging are fully recyclable.

Itch Ear will be delivered every month.

  • Cats & small dogs (under 10kg) x4 vial pack
  • (1/2 a vial in each ear per week) 1 vial per week total
  • Dogs (over 10kg) x8 vial pack
  • (x1 vial in each ear per week) x2 vials per week total

Vet Approved

Zoe the Vet

"Itch Ear’s combination of ingredients helps to soften and remove excessive wax as well as making the ears an unfavourable place for bacteria whilst being gentle on the ear canal"

Zoe Costigan, our in-house vet
BVSc BSc(hons) Cert AVP MRCVS

Zoe the Vet

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