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Itch Itch Flea Treatment Your product logo Gold-standard flea treatment, personalised for your cat or dog and delivered to your door for free. Cheaper than the vets, better than the rest. Never forget to protect your pet. 4.3 stars, based on 89 reviews 6.50 6.50
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Itch Flea Treatment

for Dogs & Cats

Free 1-month trial | Then from just £6.50 each month

Did you know only 5% of fleas are seen on your pet – the rest are living in your home! Most flea treatments only kill the fleas, but our double action formula also attacks eggs and larvae too, breaking the flea life cycle and preventing any infestation on your pet and in your home. Because, seriously, who wants that?

Each pack contains :
Itch Flea Treatment:
Kills fleas
Kills fleas
Kills ticks
Kills ticks
Kills lice
Kills lice
Kills eggs and larvae
Kills eggs and larvae
Protecting your family and your home
Protecting your family and your home

See how Itch compares

Better than the rest, cheaper than the vets

How Itch compares

Never forget with Itch

How Itch compares

Cheaper than the vets

How Itch compares

Right dose, right time

How Itch compares

Personalised to your pets

How Itch compares

Reminder to apply

How Itch compares

Delivered to your letterbox

Easy to apply treatment

Three steps to keep your pets happy and healthy

step 1
Step 1 : Open

Hold your pipette upright with foil side toward you and snap applicator tip.

step 2
Step 2 : Apply

Part your pet's hair between the shoulder blades. Place the applicator tip just above the skin and squeeze.

step 3
Step 3 : Repeat

Repeat monthly. But no need to remember, we’ll deliver it when it’s due and gently remind you until it’s done. Easy.

Still unsure?

Watch our treatment videos for dogs and cats

From only £6.50 a month, your first month is free.

Itch Flea for cats Cat
All Weights
Itch Flea for small dogs Small
2-10 Kg
Itch Flea for dogs Medium
10-20 Kg
Itch Flea for large dogs Large
20-30 Kg
Itch Flea for extra large dogs Larger
30-40 Kg
Itch Flea for giant dogs Extra Large
Over 40 Kg

We see a flea, we Whippets backside!

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