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Just like humans, our pets need a little extra help with their well-being sometimes.

Add a bag of Itch well-being treats to your monthly pack. Choose from five different well-being varieties: Itch Dental, Itch Calming, Itch Skin and Coat, Itch Hairball and Itch Urinary.

Treats to help their well-being

Dental Treats

Itch Dental

Say ta-ta to tartar.
Made to help neutralise dreaded smelly breath and to reduce tartar build-up.

Skin and Coat Treats

Itch Skin and Coat

Dull or sensitive skin and fur?
Try these tasty treats for a gorgeously glossy coat and extra fur-tasticness.

Calming Treats

Itch Calming

For pets who need to chill out.
For pets that need to chill, with added Lavender and Camomile to encourage relaxation.

Hairball Treats

Itch Hairball

A tasty treat for cats prone to hairballs.
Itch Hairball Treats are packed with oils, fats and minerals to help break down hairballs and prevent new ones from forming.

Urinary Treats

Itch Urinary

A tasty treat for cats prone to urinary issues.
Itch Urinary treats are packed with great oils and fats, antioxidants and fibre to help support a healthy urinary tract.

Add our Itch well-being treats onto your monthly subscription. Choose from our five different well-being varieties:

  • Itch Dental with added green tea extract and peppermint to help neutralise smelly breath and improve oral hygiene
  • Itch Calming with special ingredients Lavender and Camomile to help encourage pet relaxation, and an added probiotic for extra goodness
  • Itch Skin and Coat is packed full of Omega 3, Zinc and Biotin to help support a glossy coat for those looking a little dull

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