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How Itch Flea Treatment for Dogs works


    Attacks the central nervous systems of fleas and kills them within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Sucks to be you, fleas.

    (S) Methoprene 
    Directly penetrates flea eggshells, preventing flea larvae and pupae from developing. So long, suckers.



  • Where do dog fleas come from?

    Did you know that just 5 fleas on an untreated pooch can lead to more than 1 million eggs infesting your home in only 4 weeks*? Gulp. But where do fleas come from?

    Most fleas come into contact with your dog from the environment around them. From the garden, to the pub and the park, it can feel like nowhere is safe from the blighters.

    Wildlife such as foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels and rabbits can be flea-carrying culprits, bringing them into your garden ready for your dog to pick up.

    Anyone who comes into your home (human and pet alike) can unknowingly carry fleas in with them.

    Believe us when we say prevention really is better than cure. Flea eggs can lurk within your home for up to 5 months before hatching. So even if you think you have treated a flea infestation, it could still come back unexpectedly.

    Break the cycle with Itch - the UK's personalised flea treatment subscription for dogs. Our Itch Flea spot-on treatment for dogs attacks fleas at EVERY life stage.

    *Based on an untreated pet having 5 fleas not being groomed off, each laying 50 eggs per day, developing into new fleas in 14 days and new fleas jumping on and laying more eggs.

  • How to tell if your dog has fleas

    Symptoms of flea infestation in your dog can include itching, scratching, visible flea dirt, hair loss from overgrooming or skin irritation. It can also include mysterious insect bites popping up on you, as well.

    5 fleas on an untreated pet can lead to 1 million + eggs infesting your home in as little as 4 weeks*. That’s why it’s important you give your dog their flea treatment every month to stop any unwanted lodgers moving in.

    Top tip: If you think you’ve found flea dirt, run a damp cotton wool pad over it. If the dirt turns red, those fleas aren’t dead. This means you’re dealing with a live infestation.

    Our double action, spot-on flea treatment for dogs, Itch Flea, kills adult fleas within 24 hours, halts all other flea life stages in their tracks and stops any new fleas from infecting your dog, protecting your pooch until their next monthly flea treatment. Plus it kills ticks and lice!

    *Based on an untreated pet having 5 fleas not being groomed off, each laying 50 eggs per day, developing into new fleas in 14 days and new fleas jumping on and laying more eggs.

  • How to get rid of fleas on dogs (and prevent them coming back!)

    Itch Flea treatment for dogs is super easy to apply - once the solution from the pipette is applied to your dog’s skin between their shoulder blades, you can put your feet up, safe in the knowledge they’ll be protected for the next 4 weeks!

    To kill fleas and stopping more developing, our spot-on formula is the best flea treatment for dogs:

    ✓ Kills fleas already living on your dog within 24 hours
    ✓ Kills any new fleas that jump onto your dog, any time in the next month
    ✓ Prevents eggs and larvae developing
    ✓ Kills adult ticks attached to your dog and lice within 48 hours
    ✓ Protects your dog and your home

  • Why use spot-on flea treatment for dogs?

    Using a flea spot-on treatment for dogs is a super quick and easy way to get rid of fleas and keep your pooch and home flea-free.

    For some dog parents, giving their four-legged friend a flea tablet can be a real ordeal. Spare yourself (and your dog) the stress by treating them with a flea treatment that is applied to your dog's coat instead.

    As we always say, prevention is better than cure. Itch Flea treatment for dogs attacks fleas at all life stages to help keep your dog (and your home) flea-free. This means you can avoid needing to resort to flea bombs. It’s a real faff needing to evacuate your home for hours while it works, not to mention adequately airing out the space after so it’s safe for pets and humans alike to go back inside!


    Ticks are a threat because they carry serious diseases including Lyme Disease, Babesiosis and Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus (TBEV) all of which can cause severe health complications for you or your dog. 

    To help avoid the transmission of tick-borne diseases, you need to remove a tick as soon as you can. The longer a tick is latched on to your dog, the greater the risk of them infecting them with dangerous bacteria.

    Itch Flea kills ticks within 48 hours – dramatically reducing the chances of them transmitting a nasty infection. Remember to remove all ticks, dead or alive, carefully with a tick remover as soon as you find them.

See how Itch Flea compares

Effipro Spot On
Frontline Spot On
Fiprotec Combo
Frontline Plus
Kills fleas
Kills flea eggs
Kills flea larvae
Kills ticks
Kills lice
Active ingredients
Fipronil, (S)-methoprene
Fipronil, (S)-methoprene
Fipronil, (S)-methoprene
Personalised to your pet

Easy to apply

Itch Flea Spot-On Treatment for Cats and Dogs, How to apply Step 1 - Open

Step 1 - Open

Hold the Itch Flea pipette upright. Then, snap off the tip (or snip it with scissors).

Itch Flea Spot-On Treatment for Cats and Dogs, How to apply Step 2 - Apply

Step 2 - Apply

Part your pet's fur between the shoulder blades until you see the skin underneath clearly. Place the tip of the pipette on the exposed skin and squeeze until empty.

Itch Flea Spot-On Treatment for Cats and Dogs, How to apply Step 3 - Repeat

Step 3 - Repeat

Repeat monthly. No need to remember, we’ll deliver it when it’s due and gently remind you when it’s done. Easy peasy no more fleasy.

Delivered to your door so you never forget

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3 simple steps

How it works

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Tell us about your dog

Answer a few short questions about your best bud. We’re all ears!

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We’ll make tailored recommendations

We’ll then recommend the correct dose and frequency for your dog's flea treatment, tailored to their unique needs.

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Delivered to your door

Your monthly flea treatment for your dog will be delivered through your letterbox, for free, exactly when you need it. You never run out and they never miss a flea treatment.

vet approved!

I have seen so many dogs and cats suffering because they weren’t treated for fleas and worms in time. Not only that, it can be dangerous for families too. That’s why I love the Itch personalised flea plan. It makes it so easy to protect your pet and never miss a treatment.

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Dr. Zoe Costigan Itch Head Vet

BVSc BSc(hons) Cert AVP MRCVS


  • Do I need to apply Itch Flea more than once a month?

    No, treatment once a month is all your pooch needs! And there’s no need for you to try and remember - we’ll deliver the flea-fighting goods exactly when you need them. Keeping up your monthly application of Itch Flea is essential for ongoing protection of your dog against fleas, ticks and lice. You may see the occasional flea on your dog after giving them their spot-on flea treatment. Don't worry though, as long as your pooch has had their treatment in the last month, that sucker won’t last long!

  • How long does it take before Itch Flea starts working?

    Itch Flea's double action, spot-on treatment kills adult fleas within 24 hours, halts all other flea life stages in their tracks and stops any new fleas joining the party, protecting your dog until their next monthly treatment. Plus it kills ticks and lice within 48 hours! 

    Treating an existing infestation? It could take at least 5 months to banish the microscopic mingers from your pooch and home altogether. Our pet wellness experts can advise on products to help kill the fleas lurking in your home. After this, it’s super important you keep treating your dog monthly to stop the creepers coming back!

  • Is Itch Flea suitable for puppies?

    Itch Flea is suitable for puppies over 8 weeks old who weigh 2kg or more.

  • Is Itch Flea Treatment Suitable For All Dog Breeds?

    Yes! Itch Flea spot on solution is suitable for any dog breeds, from A for Airedale to Z for Zuchon and everything in between. Just provide us your pooch's weight and breed after you've clicked "Get Started" and we'll tailor the right dose for them.

    So, whether it’s your Labrador, Cockapoo, Terrier, Spaniel, Collie, Golden Retriever, or any other breed of dog that has fleas, Itch Flea Treatment for dogs is suitable for yours.

  • Are there any side effects of Itch Flea?

    Adverse reactions are rare but if you notice any changes in your dog’s behaviour, or any skin irritation, please get in touch with your vet and also make sure to let our team know. You can call us on 020 3370 0905 Monday-Friday 8am-4pm or alternatively, drop us an email at [email protected].

  • Can fleas give my dog worms?

    Yes! Your dog could accidentally swallow a flea mid-grooming sesh and if that blighter is carrying tapeworm larvae, they’ll be in your bestie’s guts and multiplying before you know it. Treat your pooch regularly for fleas and worms to keep the pesky parasites at bay.

  • How does Itch Flea compare with other treatments?

    Our killer combo of Fipronil and (s)-Methoprene protects your dog from fleas, flea eggs and larvae, as well as ticks and lice. But not all flea treatments do! Scroll up to check out our ‘How Itch Flea Compares’ table to see how we stand out in a crowd.

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Itch Flea comes in a recyclable box which can be disposed of in your home recycling bin. The foil and pipette for Itch Flea aren’t currently recyclable (but we’re working on it). 

    Your goodies will arrive either in a cardboard box which can be recycled at home and is made of recycled materials or our brand-new mailer bags which are made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and contain recycled materials. They’re fully recyclable, waterproof, strong, and of course – still personalised!

    Our new bags are much smaller in size and weight than the cardboard boxes which means that we can fit more packages in our courier’s lorries. This means they have a more efficient  journey to your doorstep, reducing our carbon footprint as well as consumer waste. You can recycle them at your local supermarket - find your nearest here

  • Can I also add wormer to this plan?

    Absolutely! Once you get started, we’ll make recommendations for your dog’s personalised wellness plan. This will include Itch Wormer. Given in combo with Itch Flea, this will give your pooch total parasite protection against fleas, ticks, worms AND lice.


    Our pet wellness plans are tailored to your pet’s unique needs! After answering a few short questions about your pet, we’ll be able to recommend a personalised plan packed full of vet-approved products to keep your furry friend in tip-top shape.


    Ticks are small, spider-like creatures whose bodies become larger as they feed on the blood of your dog. They will vary in size from 1mm to 1cm long. 

    Ticks lurk in long grass, bushy undergrowth and wooded areas. They climb on to vegetation and hang out there, waving their legs around, until your cat brushes past. Once on board, ticks sink their jaws in and drink their host’s blood until they’re full – this usually takes around 7 days but they’ve been known to cling on for up to 3 weeks.


    You’re probably going to feel ticks on your pet before you see them. When your doggo gets home, give them a stroke and check all over their body for any small bumps.

    The most common places ticks latch onto are:

    • Under your dog's collar

    • Inside their ears

    • Around their groin

    • Under their armpits

    • Under their tail

    • Between their toes

    Really, anywhere their fur is less dense and they have easy access to your furry friend’s flesh!

    These creepy crawlies can be tricky to spot if they’re inside your dog’s ears so it might be helpful to use a torch to get a proper look into their ear canal when you’re checking them over.


    Yes, Itch Flea is safe for all dogs above 2kg, including those who are breeding, pregnant or lactating.

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