About The Team At Itch

We’re Itch.

Here to send pests packing and keep pets healthy, happy and always full of beans (not literally though, imagine the guffs). 

We banish fleas and worms, say death to bad breath and help cats and dogs chill the pup out. Championing pet health and happiness, we work with vets to create scientifically proven, vet approved products to keep fur balls in tip-top shape.

We’re no nonsense and knowledgeable, there’s no fluff here. (Except for the stuff all over our floors.) So you know where to come if you need a friendly ear and some great advice. No flea infestation too great, no hairball too small, we’ve heard it all before.

Our team includes Head Vet Dr Zoe Costigan, pet nutritionists, vet nurses and our team of pet wellness warriors - professionally qualified in veterinary medicines advice. We’ve got all bases covered to help your pet stay their beautiful-yet-bonkers best. 

About Our Values

  • We’re genuine

    Our products at Itch are developed by vets, scientists and nutritionists using scientifically proven ingredients that work, and we’re proud of that.

    Our love for our own pets, our expert knowledge and the fact we genuinely want to help pets live happier, healthier and longer lives is at the very heart of everything we do at Itch. 

    Other pet companies shy away from the realities of what it’s really like to own a pet, not us, oh no, we’re up to our neck in it, just like you!

  • We’re bold

    Working for a pet care brand should be as exciting, entertaining and as challenging as owning a pet. 

    So we stand out by being brave enough to push beyond the traditional ways of doing things.

    We encourage each other to expand our thinking and we don’t shy away from saying the things other pet brands don’t. Eat Shih Tzu and die, fleas!

  • We’re kind-hearted

    We genuinely care for each other, our products and the world we live in. And when it comes to the health and happiness of our pets, nothing beats love. It’s evident in everything we do; from the friendly, warm service we give, to the way we talk about pets on packaging, we hope it’s obvious to you that Itch is created by a bunch of people who really do care.

    You can read more about our team of pet wellness experts here.


Flea General

The Vital Information You Need to Know About Peak Flea Season

As pet owners, we all know that fleas can be a pesky and persistent problem. These tiny parasites can infest our furry friends, causing discomfort and potential health issues if left unchecked. Fleas are most active during certain periods of the year, which we commonly refer to as the "peak flea season." Here, we dive into the crucial information you need to know about when fleas are most active, when they come out, and whether they prefer hot or cold weather conditions. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to protect your beloved pets and your home from these bothersome critters.

Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

Pheromone Diffusers for Cats - How Do They Work?

Not all cats are cool cats all the time. If your kitty is showing signs of stress or anxiety, there’s one method that’s been proven to help them feel safe, happy and relaxed, and that’s a plug-in pheromone diffuser.

Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

How Often Should you Wash your Dog?

You love your dog - that's a given - but at times, they’re probably the most gross creature you’ve ever met. From rolling around in poop in the woods to burying dead seagull carcasses at the beach, they don’t do themselves any favours in the smell department!

In these cases it’s smart to stick them straight in the bath as soon as you get home. But how do you know when to give them a bath the rest of the time?