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Keen to know how often you should wash your dog or how to weigh them accurately (crucial if you want your flea and worming treatments to be effective!)? We'll walk you through all that and more, here.


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Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

How Often Should you Wash your Dog?

You love your dog - that's a given - but at times, they’re probably the most gross creature you’ve ever met. From rolling around in poop in the woods to burying dead seagull carcasses at the beach, they don’t do themselves any favours in the smell department!

In these cases it’s smart to stick them straight in the bath as soon as you get home. But how do you know when to give them a bath the rest of the time?

Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

How to Keep Your Cat Cool in the Summer

Just like us humans, many cats enjoy spells of warmer weather! However, they can also overheat and risk developing complications such as heat stroke. Cats more at risk of illness as a result of the mercury rising include very old or young cats, cats with a dense, fluffy coat and those with pre-existing medical conditions. 

Felines with flat faces (you might hear these being referred to as brachycephalic breeds) like Persian cats and Scottish folds also have a harder time regulating their temperatures because of their shorter nasal passages.

 Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do as a cat parent to keep your puss comfortable and extra chill in warm weather!

Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

How to Weigh Your Dog at Home

Keeping an eye on your dog’s magic number (the ideal weight for their breed and age) is super important.

If you know your dog’s weight, it's easier to work out things like how much food they should eat, or the amount of flea or worm treatment to give them. Getting the right treatment is the safest and most effective way to prevent your dog getting fleas or worms.

Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

Pheromone Diffusers for Cats - How Do They Work?

Not all cats are cool cats all the time. If your kitty is showing signs of stress or anxiety, there’s one method that’s been proven to help them feel safe, happy and relaxed, and that’s a plug-in pheromone diffuser.

Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

Pet Af-furmations - Itch creates a unique audio calming experience for pets and humans

At Itch, not only do we provide award winning flea, tick and worm solutions, and a range of other pet health and well-being products, we also offer Itch Insure giving our subscribers up to 17% off their pet insurance.

We believe you deserve to be rewarded with lower monthly insurance payments for taking great care of your pet.  The more you protect your cat or dog with Itch Treatments, the more you'll save on your pet’s insurance. Because healthy and happy pets take less trips to the vets!

Our Itch Insurance team have been thinking about other ways we can support pets to live their best lives and decided to consult with Itch Advisory Panellist and animal behaviour and welfare expert, Dr Lauren Finka, to create a unique and innovative calming audio experience for owners and pets to enjoy together. 

The pet ‘af-fur-mations’ audio track is voiced by Oli Juste, a leading dog trainer, behaviourist and Itch Advisory Panellist. It combines classical music, affirmations, and meditation and is designed to provide the ulti-mutt relaxation experience and a moment of calm for you and your pet to enjoy together.