All About Itch Ambassadors

Itch Ambassadors are the highest ranking pets in the Itch Pack. These hand-picked special envoys have great faces, floofy coats and an appetite for the very best! And you, their trusty human, creates top quality content that shows them off at their very best. We see you and we appreciate your efforts.

What to expect

As an Ambassador for Itch, we'll send you a few Itch goodies each month to try and review. We’ll collab with you on some great content to help introduce Itch to pets who might not have heard of us (or know what to expect). And, we’ll introduce your pets' amazing faces to our crowd, who’ll lap it up! We'll also share exclusive discounts and offers so your pet pals can get their paws in first.

Benefits of joining

What we are looking for

Talent! Jazz hands! A great ring light set-up. Joke!

  • Brilliant cats and dogs of all different ages, shapes and sizes

  • Belonging to UK-based pet parents

  • Humans must be over 18 (cats and dogs over 8 weeks and 2kg in weight)

  • Have over 2k followers on Instagram (and TikTok if you have it!)

  • Love creating high quality content for an engaged pet-friendly audience

  • Bonus points if you have more than one pet!

How to apply

Answer a few short questions and we’ll get in touch.

It takes considerably less time to apply than

  • Picking up a poo

  • Persuading a cat to take a tablet

  • Getting a dog’s harness fastened

  • Clearing a litter tray

(Warning; it’s not quite as enjoyable as a waggy-tailed greeting or a purring kitty).


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