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Emma has more than 20 years experience of bringing disruptive brands to market. For the last 15 years Emma has worked in the pet industry, where she has really spent a lot of time admiring totes adorbs pets and now focuses on how Itch can help them to live longer, happier, healthier lives. Long Live Pets! Until quite recently, she was a pet parent to Spy, a Parson Russell Terrier and the world’s very best doggo. Sadly, Spy has now left us to swim in rainbow streams, but he won’t ever be forgotten.

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We’re Here to Kill Fleas…Not the Environment

Receiving and applying your flea treatment monthly, all year round, is absolutely essential to ensure that your pets are flea free, forever. 

So, it’s important that we package our products as sustainably as possible because we send out a lot of them!

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What Your Pet's Sleeping Position Really Means

According to our research, two thirds (65%) of British pet owners will share the bed with their cat or dog tonight. It’s understandable. It can be hard to resist those puppy-dog eyes, or that loving purr when our pet's come to settle in for the night. 

 But did you know that by observing our pet's sleeping position, we can tell a lot about the special pet-owner bond we share with them?

We wanted to know more, so asked 2,000 Brits to reveal the 10 most common sleeping positions we adopt with our four-legged friends, and enlisted the help of leading animal behaviourist, Professor Peter Neville to give us insight into their meaning.

Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

Pheromone Diffusers for Cats - How Do They Work?

Not all cats are cool cats all the time. If your kitty is showing signs of stress or anxiety, there’s one method that’s been proven to help them feel safe, happy and relaxed, and that’s a plug-in pheromone diffuser.

Itch Insights Pet Wellbeing

Pet Af-furmations - Itch creates a unique audio calming experience for pets and humans

At Itch, not only do we provide award winning flea, tick and worm solutions, and a range of other pet health and well-being products, we also offer Itch Insure giving our subscribers up to 17% off their pet insurance.

We believe you deserve to be rewarded with lower monthly insurance payments for taking great care of your pet.  The more you protect your cat or dog with Itch Treatments, the more you'll save on your pet’s insurance. Because healthy and happy pets take less trips to the vets!

Our Itch Insurance team have been thinking about other ways we can support pets to live their best lives and decided to consult with Itch Advisory Panellist and animal behaviour and welfare expert, Dr Lauren Finka, to create a unique and innovative calming audio experience for owners and pets to enjoy together. 

The pet ‘af-fur-mations’ audio track is voiced by Oli Juste, a leading dog trainer, behaviourist and Itch Advisory Panellist. It combines classical music, affirmations, and meditation and is designed to provide the ulti-mutt relaxation experience and a moment of calm for you and your pet to enjoy together.