Do Indoor Cats Need Worming?

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Does An Indoor Cat Need Worming?

How Does An Indoor Cat Catch Worms?

How To Protect An Indoor Cat From Worms

Just because your cat prefers the cosiness of a home at all times, does this mean they still need worming? This article will tell you all you need to know!

Does An Indoor Cat Need Worming?

The short answer is - yes, they absolutely do! Indoor cats can unfortunately still pick up worms, even if they don’t venture outside or hunt.

How Does An Indoor Cat Catch Worms?

Unfortunately, when people, other pets and objects come into the household, worm eggs can also tag along uninvited, meaning indoor cats are not immune from catching worms. For example, worm eggs can be carried in on your shoes.

The most common route of worm infection in indoor cats though is from them ingesting fleas while grooming. Fleas carry tapeworms and fleas and flea eggs can get into your home the same way worm eggs do! So protection against worms and fleas together is the optimal way to protect your cat from all these nasty parasites.

How To Protect An Indoor Cat From Worms

Here are the key things to put in place to make sure your indoor cat is protected from fleas, worms, the lot!

  • Regular Preventative Worming Treatment - Giving your cat a regular worming treatment is crucial; Itch Worming Tablets for cats kill all common intestinal worms so you can take a sigh of relief!

  • Regular Preventative Flea Treatment - Protecting your cat against fleas (who carry tapeworms) is super important. Itch Flea Treatment for cats is a spot-on preventative treatment which kills adult fleas in 24 hours and halts all other fleas in their life stages, stopping them from developing!

  • Treating ALL Pets In Your Household - It’s important to treat all your pets for fleas and worms year round. This is the most effective preventive method to keep all your pets safe, indoor or outdoor ones.

  • Maintain A Clean Environment - Consistently cleaning, hoovering your home and washing yours and your pet’s bedding (60°C or hotter) is another way to keep on top of any fleas that might have made their way into your home from your shoes!

Indoor cats do need worming regularly, the same as outdoor explorer cats! Itch will deliver your flea and worming treatment for FREE each month, right to your door, right on time so you never miss a treatment and your pets are always protected!



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