Ellie, Roger and Frank

Ellie, Roger and Frank

SQP Pet Wellness Warrior, professionally trained in Veterinary Medicines advice

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Customer help and veterinary medicine advice


Ellie is on hand and happy to help with any questions Itch customers might have about our products or their pets. Ellie is an SQP, this means she is legislated as a ‘Suitably Qualified Person’ in Veterinary Medicines Advice by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. She’s taken ALL the exams and passed with flying colours! She’s ably joined by her Miniature Dachshunds, Frank and Roger. She tells us there’s two of them but, as they’re only allowed in the office one at the time (because TINY ESCAPE ARTISTS), we can’t be 100% sure. Ellie spends her time at Itch offering advice and support to more than 100,000 Itch customers. It doesn’t matter the problem, she’s heard it all before! From flea infestations in homes, to behavioural or stress and anxiety issues in pets, Ellie’s real world experience means she’s got tips and hacks, as well as in depth product knowledge, to help you negotiate the trickier aspects of pet parenting.

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Flea Treatment

How to Use a Household Flea Home Spray

So, you’ve found fleas on your pet. Bad news: this means that they’re also highly likely to be in your home too.

The good news is that the combination of your gold-standard, Itch Flea treatment and Itch Flea Home Spray will get rid of those fleas in no time.

Itch Flea Home Spray as a one-off will kill adult fleas that are in your home. It will also prevent any new fleas from hatching for up to 12 months.

Don’t forget, once you’ve finished annihilating the adult fleas in your home, you need to stay up-to-date up with your monthly Itch Flea treatment for your cat and Itch Flea Treatment for your dog to keep your home and your pet flea-free forever.